First thing to say in the morning

4 February 2011 10:33 am · 0 comments

I have been telling Nina to say good morning to us and others every time she wakes up in the morning, so I asked her just now:

Daddy: “Eh, Nina … do you remember what I told you before? What should you say to people every time you wake up in the morning?
Nina: “mommy?”
Daddy: “Nooo … ”
… thinking for a short while, she then said softly ..
Nina: “morning”



I want mommy

4 February 2011 10:29 am · 0 comments

Sunrise Garden, second day of Chinese New Year 2011.

She woke up just now and started to call (read: to scream) for her mommy as usual.


I came to the room instead.

Nina: “where is mommy?”
Daddy: “mommy is watching TV downstairs, Nina”
Nina: “I want to wee wee”
Daddy: “OK, go to the bathroom now”
Nina: “No, I want mommy”
Daddy: “It’s OK Nina, let me bring you to the bathroom”
Nina: “No, I want mommy”



Nina Can Swim Now

2 January 2011 6:54 pm · 0 comments

Nina can swim now!!! She started swimming breaststroke without any floating device 3 weeks ago. Her breathing is almost perfect and she can float better now. She can swim the entire length of the width of the pool which is about 12 or 15 meters I think. She has started learning the freestyle now.

We swam together this afternoon after her lesson and she surprised me when she did backstroke by herself. OK, not quite backstroke style yet because what she did was just to float herself facing the sky and kicked her legs and moved. But she could move almost 10 meters by doing that. She was so excited that she kept doing it. She told her mum when we were back that she just tried it and suddenly she could do it.

Well done, Nina!


Microwave vs Microsoft

December 9, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina wanted to play the barbie’s dressing up games on the internet when we were having dinner earlier. She had played that before. So, she turned on her mommy’s laptop and entered the Windows’ password of her mommy’s user ID. It usually takes few minutes for it to fully load. Her mommy then asked her: […]

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Birthday Gift for God

November 29, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina: “Christmas day is God’s birthday. I want to give God a gift. What gift should I give God?” Daddy: “Just be a good girl, Nina. That will be a good gift for God.” Nina: “No, daddy. I want to give something. Does God need a microwave?” Daddy: “I don’t think so, Nina” Nina: “How […]

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Hard Work and Poo-Poo

November 29, 2010 Nina's Diary

We just finished putting up our Christmas tree together with Nina. It’s nicely decorated and lit and stand pretty in one corner of our living room when Nina suddenly said: Nina: “I have been working a lot and now I want to poo-pooooo”

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Where does the cow like to go?

October 30, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina: “Daddy, I have a tricky question for you” Daddy: “Oh, OK Nina. What is it?” Nina: “Where does the cow like to go?” Daddy: “Grass field?” Nina: “No, Daddy” Daddy: “OK, I give up, Nina. What is it?” Nina: “The cow likes to go to a Mooo-vie” … not bad Nina.

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