August 2006

Nina at Villa Escudero

August 30, 2006 Nina's Diary

A number of us went to Villa Escudero last weekend, a resort about 2 hour drive from Makati. We didn’t stay overnight otherwise we could have enjoyed the chalet by the lake. From the main entrance we took the ‘karabau cart’ to the restaurant where we had our lunch. Then we watched the cultural show […]

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Nina adjusted well

August 28, 2006 Nina's Diary

Nina has been adjusting well so far in Manila. She doesn’t have trouble sleeping, eating, playing, etc. Nina has moved few times since she was born. When she was one month old, in Singapore, we moved from Bayshore to Tanamera, and then from Tanamera to Simei when she 18 months. And now she is in […]

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Happy Birthday Oom Rika

August 27, 2006 Nina's Diary

Pee ka boo, Oom Rika … surpriseeeee … happy birthday !

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Counting, Singing and Few Indonesian Words

August 27, 2006 Manila

Nina can count from 1 to 12. Nina can now sing the song “Nina Bobo”, an Indonesian lullaby song. Nina can now say the following new Indonesia words: sendok terbalik mandi malu

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Mommy’s love

August 25, 2006 Nina's Diary

A Mother’s Love is like an islandIn life’s ocean vast and wide,A peaceful, quiet shelterFrom the restless, rising tide … A Mother’s Love is like a fortressAnd we seek protection thereWhen the waves of tribulationSeem to drown us in despair … A Mother’s Love’s a sanctuaryWhere our souls can find sweet restFrom the struggle and […]

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Nina at Manila Cathedral

August 24, 2006 Nina's Diary

We went to Intramuros or the Wall City in Manila last weekend, where the Manila Cathedral and St. Augustine church are. See below for the photos.

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Nina in Manila’s Chinatown

August 21, 2006 Nina's Diary

OK, you can’t see the Chinatown in the photo, but it was taken there on Saturday. Nina just woke up and she was in the car with her mommy and I was outside shooting while waiting for our Moms to finish shopping at the Bee Bee Hopiah shop. There are still lots of old and […]

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