November 2006

Happy belated birthday Oom Franky

November 25, 2006 Nina's Diary

Hello Oom Franky .. happy belated birthday. Apologize for the late posting. Are we now the same age? Nina is …23 … months.

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Nina and her stickers

November 19, 2006 Nina's Diary

Nina likes stickers now. She has a stickers book from auntie Rossy (auntie Siput) and she would stick it everywhere, on her hands, her legs, her cheeks, on the floor, on the sofa, everywhere. Last night before going to sleep, she asked for two stickers, one on each arm.

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Couch Potato

November 11, 2006 Manila
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Nina was watching her Disney Playhouse channel on tv and was changing her position several times. Really looked like a couch potato.

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Happy Birthday, tante Pepi !

November 10, 2006 Nina's Diary
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