April 2007

Bumpy Road

April 27, 2007 Manila

We had seafood dinner at Dampa, near Mall of Asia. On the way back to our Fraser apartment, Nina said the road is bumpy as our car passed through a rough section due to holes on the road.

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Garuk-Garuk Nina

April 25, 2007 Manila

Nina suddenly woke up and called her mommy and said, mommy …  garuk garuk Nina asking her mom to scratch her back gently so she could go back to sleep.

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Taking photo with her tricycle

April 22, 2007 Nina's Diary

We brought the tricycle that Pinky gave us from Singapore to Manila. We wrapped it using the cling wrap. As we were leaving our apartment to go to the Singapore Changi airport, Nina stood next to it and said “Nina is standing with bicycle. Take photo” asking us to take her photo with the wrapped […]

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“Yes, I am OK”

April 7, 2007 Manila

Nina can ask “are you OK mommy?”, “are you OK daddy?”. She can also answer “yes, I am OK” if we ask her the same.

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