July 2007

Dad and Mom’s favourite photo-July 2007

July 21, 2007 Nina's Diary

Dad and Mom’s favourite photo of Nina for July 2007. Before I forget, on our trip back to Manila on July 10 recently, while waiting to board the plane, we asked Nina “are you OK Nina?” since we just landed in Singapore from Jakarta and about to board the next plane to Manila, she replied, […]

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Click that shutter button

July 15, 2007 Nina's Diary

Nina was pretending to click the shutter button on a camera when she saw me taking her picture.

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I am OK, thank you for asking

July 10, 2007 Nina's Diary

We were at the gate in Singapore Changi Airport, about to board the flight SQ912 to Manila. We just got back from Jakarta to attend Benny & Lia’s wedding. Nina had to wake up very early to catch the early morning flight from Jakarta to Singapore. So, we asked Nina “are you OK, Nina?” And […]

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Portrait of Nina – in April 2007

July 1, 2007 Nina's Diary

This was actually taken 2 months ago. I was searching for a good portrait of Nina, as her school asked for her passport-size photo. I found this one taken back in end April and I thought it’s perfect. Nina just started her pre-school at the Little Gym, at the Fort. It’s twice a week, Tuesday […]

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