Missing Her Mamu

16 January 2008 8:43 pm · 0 comments

Her Mamu (grandma) just left Manila for Jakarta tonight. Nina seems to be missing her now.

She said to her Mamu yesterday in Indonesian, “Besok Nina bangun, Mamu udah di Surabaya yah?

She was referring to the fact that in the past couple of times, her Mamu always left Manila early morning to catch the first flight of Philippines Airlines back to Jakarta. So, when she woke up, she found that her Mamu was no longer in Manila.

Her Mamu left in the evening this time, taking Cebu Pacific Air. When she left earlier today, Nina happened to be sleeping. That was 5pm. So, she missed seeing her Mamu off. When she woke up and found out that her Mamu has left, she told her mommy in Indonesian,

“Nina mau bobo lagi. Nanti kalo Nina bangun, Mamu udah dateng”.

This time she was referring to another fact that in the past couple of times, her Mamu arrived in Manila early morning when she was still sleeping. So, when Nina woke up, she suddenly saw her Mamu in the apartment. So, she thought it’s a magic kind of thing that if she goes to sleep again now and wakes up later, she would see her Mamu back in the apartment. :)

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