November 2008

I eat a wind

November 29, 2008 Nina's Diary

Nina: “Daddy, I am having a cold” Daddy: “Oh really? What happened?” Nina: “Because I eat a wind”

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Sofa Hunting

November 3, 2008 Nina's Diary

We have been hunting for sofa in the past few days and Nina has been following us. She seemed to enjoy following us trying out sitting on the sofa and she would do the same thing by sitting on various sofa we tried. We first went to Ikea few days ago, and then we looked […]

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Medium Size Stroller

November 1, 2008 Nina's Diary

Mommy: “Aduh Nina, kaki mommy pegel” Nina: “Oh, Nina enggak” Mommy: “Nina kan duduk di stroller” Nina: “Oh OK Mommy. Later we buy medium size stroller for mommy” We were at the Court at Tampines looking for sofa for our apartment but prior to that we were at Marine Parade and Millenia Walk too so […]

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