January 2010

Relaxing by the pool

January 22, 2010 Nina Photoblog

There is no school for Nina today as it’s parents-teachers meeting day. We had the meeting earlier this morning. Nina has been doing well, the teacher said. She does need more practice doing math and improve her reading comprehension. Nina is also obedient and can listen to instruction, the teacher said. In the classroom, Nina […]

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January 19, 2010 Nina Photoblog

Nina has few close friends. One of them is Xin Yi who has been in the same class with Nina since Nursery 2 last year. This photo was taken last week just before they went in to the class.

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Always 5 years old

January 17, 2010 Singapore

I had conversation with Nina this morning and she said this to me: “Daddy, can you pray to God to stop the time so I will always be 5 years old and so I will not die?” If I can, I think I will do that.

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Rock, Truck and Clock

January 15, 2010 Nina's Diary

Daddy: “Nina, how did you do at the school today?” Nina: “Good, Daddy” Daddy: “Did you get another sticker for doing a good job from Ms. Jocelyn?” Nina: “Yes, Daddy. But I gave it to Theresia” Daddy: “Oh, why?” Nina: “So Theresia will be happy to have two stickers” Daddy: “That’s very nice of you, […]

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Sticker for a good job

January 11, 2010 Nina's Diary

I picked Nina up from her school, Josiah Montessori Simei, earlier today. She expected to see her mommy, so she showed her little disappointment at the beginning, but after an ice cream, she was nice.   Nina proudly showed me a sticker on her uniform. It was a sticker of cinderella sitting on a chair. […]

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