July 2010

Question on Underpants

July 16, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina: “Daddy, when you and mommy have not got married yet and are still friends, are you shy to take off your underpants in front of mommy?” I was smiling and speechless in the beginning. I was caught off guard by this question, but then quickly answered: Daddy: “No Nina, we cannot take off our […]

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Two by Two

July 14, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina has been sleeping without diapers with success for 6 consecutive days now. Hopefully this will continue. Her mommy would wake her up at around 2.30am and 6am to get her to the bathroom and then back to sleep. It has been successful so far, but poor her mommy that she had difficulty going back […]

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Daddy’s Girl is Growing Up Fast

July 12, 2010 Nina's Diary

We all know that time flies and things change, but many times, we don’t realize what we are missing until it’s too late. Am I making any sense here? OK, what I am going to write is not that bad, but I have started to feel that I am going to “lose” my little girl […]

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Dreaming Sampai Ngeces

July 11, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina just slept when I went into her room just now. She was woken up when I kissed her and she said: “Nina dreaming sampai ngeces” What did you dream about Nina?   Good night, pumpkin ! Love you.

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Flowers from Nina for Mommy

July 5, 2010 Nina's Diary
Thumbnail image for Flowers from Nina for Mommy

Nina arranged these flowers that we picked this morning for her mommy. I gave her a small vase that we bought from Ikea long time ago (used to be for cactus) and she arranged the flowers in it. It brightened her mommy’s day, I hope.

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Hungry at the Church

July 4, 2010 Nina's Diary

We went to the church early this morning. It was still early for Nina and we had to wake her up and didn’t get a chance to have breakfast before we left home. During the mass, she complained that she was hungry, but unfortunately we did not bring her food. She had to stay till […]

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Nina’s Weekly Planner

July 4, 2010 Art by Nina
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Nina wanted to have her weekly planner written on paper for her to display on her bedroom wall. She asked her mommy for some help on how to do it. Her mommy drew a table that has days in the vertical columns and time in the horizontal rows. Nina then tried to follow that and […]

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