Birthday Gift for God

29 November 2010 11:30 pm · 2 comments

Nina: “Christmas day is God’s birthday. I want to give God a gift. What gift should I give God?”
Daddy: “Just be a good girl, Nina. That will be a good gift for God.”
Nina: “No, daddy. I want to give something. Does God need a microwave?”
Daddy: “I don’t think so, Nina”
Nina: “How about clothes? Does God need clothes?”
Daddy: “God already has everything, Nina. He has everything because He is God”
Nina: “He has millions of clothes?”
Daddy: “Maybe. If you are a good girl, that’s already a good gift for God, Nina.”
Nina: “I want to give something. Does he want a drawing?”
Daddy: “You can always draw for God if you want, Nina”

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