tilu means three in Sundanese language and maret means the month of March. So tilumaret means 3rd of March, my wedding anniversary date. It is a blog of a blessed and proud daddy and husband.

Tilumaret.com was initially brought online to display my passion in photography. It has been revised five times since I first launched it in 2002. The first two were really a nightmare to maintain, as there were lots of static pages and I ended up not maintaining it for months. The frontpage kept showing the same photo for months ..

Since then, I have been looking for an easier way to maintain and update my website regularly. The third revision launched in April 2005 was done using the famous blog application, Blogger. Very easy to use. At least, my frontpage did not look the same for months anymore.

This new revision of tilumaret on Blogger was also meant to share photos of my daughter, Nina, who was born in January the same year. I realized sharing her photos to family and friends via emails was not practical and effective, thus I started using tilumaret to post her photos so our families and friends can see them easily. This made me realized that mixing my daughter’s photos and my other photos on one site was not a good idea. In November 2005, I decided to use tilumaret exclusively as a photoblog for my daughter, Nina. I was planning to launch another photoblog for my other photos.

Nevertheless, tilumaret continued to showcase my passion for photography and at the same time my pride, happiness and love for our daughter, Nina.

Watching her grow everyday is truly a remarkable experience. I am glad I started photographing her from day 1. Comparing her photos now and when she was two months old makes me realize how much I would have missed if I didn’t do it from the beginning. Again, I am very glad I did.

Children light up our life, don’t they?

After using it to post photos of my daughter, I decided to use tilumaret as her online growing-up diary too. I have been using it to write and document what Nina has been able to do, to say, to sing, where she has travelled to, etc.

So, after using Blogger for more than two years and few attempts to use few other applications after that, in July 2008, I decided to switch to WordPress.

The new website also has a new category now to display Nina’s drawings. Nina has been showing her strong interest in drawing and painting since she was slightly more than 2 years old.

For sentimental reason, I decided to keep the old site of tilumaret on blogspot.

Enjoy your time browsing at tilumaret and if you would like to send me a message, kindly use the form below to contact me. I hope the site can also inspire all the parents out there to do the same for their children. Does not have to be in the same way, but at least doing something they are comfortable with to document their children’s childhood memories.

Best wishes – Hendra


  • In April 2006, I decided to launch a new website which I used to share my other photos. The site is www.hendralauw.com. You can visit there to view my other photos.
  • In October 2009, I launched another website, Masakecil Photography, that specializes in outdoor, on location and natural light children and family photography

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