Conversation – 20 March 2008

March 20, 2008 Manila

Nina said these sentences today. All written in her original way of saying them including the grammatical error and mixing Indonesian and English words (bubur is Indonesian, meaning porridge). “Daddy, you already finish take a bath?” “Daddy, You are smell so good.” “Daddy, I want to eat bubur and chicken nugget.” “Daddy, I have to […]

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Midnight Banana

January 16, 2008 Manila

It’s 11.25pm now and Nina is still very active. She asked for a banana just now. She was probably hungry. So, her mommy gave her one. 15 minutes later, she came to me and asked me to finish the remaining half of the banana. “Daddy … finish my banana!” And then when I finished it, […]

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Nina mau bobo

January 6, 2007 Manila

Nina was sleepy and wanted to sleep. She said “Nina mau bobo”.

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“Like It” and “Nina Nangis”

September 25, 2006 Manila

Nina saw the magazine cover of HWM (Hardware Magazine) and saw a picture of handphone on it and she said “like it”. Nina can say “Nina Nangis” while she is crying.

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Turtle Upside Down

September 15, 2006 Manila

Nina looked at the picture of turtle which was printed upside down on her mommy’s t-shirt and she said, “turtle terbalik” and then went on to say “turtle upside down“

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