Happy Birthday, Nina !

January 10, 2009 Nina's Diary

Nina is 4 today. How time flies. We decided to have just a simple celebration for Nina this time. Nina has both her grandmas (Mamu and Ah Mah) here, her uncle Aming and Louisa too. So, we will just get Nina to blow the candles later at 5.03pm. She was born at that time on […]

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Happy Birthday, Mommy !

August 17, 2008 Manila

Yesterday’s conversation: Daddy: “Nina, tomorrow is mommy’s birthday” Nina: “Mommy’s birthday?” Nina: “Mommy, do you have balloons?” Happy birthday, dear mommy. We wish you a blessed, healthy and happy birthday. We love you, mommy. Nina and Daddy Manila, 17 August 2008.

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Is there a balloon in Singapore?

August 3, 2008 Manila

Nina was talking to her mommy few days ago as she saw a birthday party. Nina: “Mommy, Nina wants to have birthday party again” Mommy: “Oh, next year Nina. In Singapore” Nina: “In Singapore? Is there a balloon in Singapore?” My friend Angel bought more than 100 balloooooooons for Nina during her last birthday party […]

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Nina is 3 !

January 10, 2008 Manila

How time flies. Nina is 3 today and two of her birthdays have been celebrated in Manila. Earlier this morning, she celebrated her birthday at her school at the Little Gym, the Fort. Her mommy ordered that cute green birthday cake with a big number 3 on top of it. Green has been Nina’s favorite […]

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