Nina and Cake

May 26, 2009 Art by Nina

Nina drew this last night. She said it was her and birthday cake. She drew herself wearing her dress that has that has picture of Belle on it.

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On Oven, baking cake and adult school

January 25, 2009 Nina's Diary

Nina was talking to her mommy at the kitchen just now. Nina: “Mommy, what is this?” Mommy: “It’s an oven, Nina” Nina: “What is it?” Mommy: “It’s for baking cake, Nina. But mommy doesn’t know how to bake cake, yet” Nina: “Oh, so mommy has to go to adult school first to learn how to […]

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Happy Birthday, Nina !

January 10, 2009 Nina's Diary

Nina is 4 today. How time flies. We decided to have just a simple celebration for Nina this time. Nina has both her grandmas (Mamu and Ah Mah) here, her uncle Aming and Louisa too. So, we will just get Nina to blow the candles later at 5.03pm. She was born at that time on […]

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