Learning Math

July 25, 2009 Nina's Diary

Nina has started learning math at her school. She actually started couple months ago with simple math of addition. She started learning simple subtraction recently. Do you remember how you first learn math? This is how Nina does it for subtraction. She was taught at her school to take the smallest number of the two […]

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Counting 1 to 30

May 1, 2008 Manila

HURRAY !!! Last night, Nina surprised me by counting from 1 to 30. She said the last 10 number correctly .. or not quite .. but she’s getting there. “… … … twenty one .. twenty two .. twenty three .. twenty four .. twenty five .. twenty six .. twenty seven .. twenty eight […]

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Counting, Singing and Few Indonesian Words

August 27, 2006 Manila

Nina can count from 1 to 12. Nina can now sing the song “Nina Bobo”, an Indonesian lullaby song. Nina can now say the following new Indonesia words: sendok terbalik mandi malu

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