Kabur and Busyet

July 20, 2009 Nina's Diary

Nina’s ability to speak in Indonesian is getting better, while at the same time, she maintains her ability to speak English with me too. Hopefully she will pick up Chinese soon. She has started learning Chinese at her school for almost a year. Yesterday, I heard her telling her mommy: Nina: “Mommy … tian qing […]

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“Yes, I am OK”

April 7, 2007 Manila

Nina can ask “are you OK mommy?”, “are you OK daddy?”. She can also answer “yes, I am OK” if we ask her the same.

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September 26, 2006 Manila

Nina can say “kangaroo” and point her finger to her kangaroo soft toy. She first got her kangaroo soft toy from Ifrin who bought it for Nina from Australia.

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Turtle Upside Down

September 15, 2006 Manila

Nina looked at the picture of turtle which was printed upside down on her mommy’s t-shirt and she said, “turtle terbalik” and then went on to say “turtle upside down“

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Wait, Papaya and Lolypop

September 14, 2006 Manila

Nina can now say “wait” when she wants us to wait for her while she is doing something. Nina can say “papaya” and “lolypop” and also knows what they are.

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Abis, Finished, Gone, No More

September 2, 2006 Manila

Nina knows the following words and understand that they have similar meaning: abis (an indonesian word) finished gone (a bit off, but she got the idea) no more

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