Flowers from Nina for Mommy

July 5, 2010 Nina's Diary
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Nina arranged these flowers that we picked this morning for her mommy. I gave her a small vase that we bought from Ikea long time ago (used to be for cactus) and she arranged the flowers in it. It brightened her mommy’s day, I hope.

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Picking Flowers

May 8, 2010 Nina's Diary
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OK, I am not sure if this is considered flower. Probably not. They look more like wild tall grass to me. But, they are nice. I like them. I actually have some of these in our living room and they last long. Nina and I went out last week to pick these. She surprised me […]

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8 Flowers

June 20, 2009 Art by Nina

Nina did this one using both watercolor painting and a pencil (for the stem). I miss her terribly. She has been in Jakarta for a week.

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Flower by Nina

May 22, 2009 Art by Nina


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