Garuk-Garuk Nina

April 25, 2007 Manila

Nina suddenly woke up and called her mommy and said, mommy …  garuk garuk Nina asking her mom to scratch her back gently so she could go back to sleep.

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Nina mau bobo

January 6, 2007 Manila

Nina was sleepy and wanted to sleep. She said “Nina mau bobo”.

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Turtle Upside Down

September 15, 2006 Manila

Nina looked at the picture of turtle which was printed upside down on her mommy’s t-shirt and she said, “turtle terbalik” and then went on to say “turtle upside down“

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Abis, Finished, Gone, No More

September 2, 2006 Manila

Nina knows the following words and understand that they have similar meaning: abis (an indonesian word) finished gone (a bit off, but she got the idea) no more

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