Too Much Love is Good!

April 25, 2010 Nina's Diary

I had a conversation with Nina this morning before she left for her ballet class and at the end of the conversation I said this: Daddy: “I love you so much, Nina” Nina: “I love you too much, Daddy” It’s OK Nina, too much love is good. 

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I love you Daddy … a little bit

February 8, 2010 Nina's Diary

Conversation with Nina on Love. Me: Nina, do you love mommy? Nina: Yes Me: Do you love Daddy? Nina: Yes, a little bit Not too bad, I guess

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Bigger than your hand

November 14, 2009 Nina's Diary

Daddy: “Nina, do you love mommy and daddy?” Nina: “Yes” Daddy: “How much do you love us?” Nina: “Bigger than your hand”

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I love mommy and daddy

March 1, 2009 Nina's Diary

On the way out to look for a taxi from our apartment, I asked Nina: Daddy: “do  you love mommy or daddy?” Nina: “mommy and daddy” Thank you Nina 

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