Nina Today – 22 March 2008

March 22, 2008 Manila

Nina came and told me proudly just now, “Daddy, look …” and she showed me that she could bounce a ball just like those basketball players. She could bounce the ball for about 3 – 4 times before she lost it. She then went to the kitchen to show her mommy her new skill. “Mommy, […]

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Garuk-Garuk Nina

April 25, 2007 Manila

Nina suddenly woke up and called her mommy and said, mommy …  garuk garuk Nina asking her mom to scratch her back gently so she could go back to sleep.

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“Throw it Away”

September 24, 2006 Manila

Nina ate banana by herself on the sofa. When she finished it, she got off the sofa and said “throw it away” while showing the banana skin and walked toward the dust bin in the restroom near the kitchen and she threw into it.

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