Two by Two

July 14, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina has been sleeping without diapers with success for 6 consecutive days now. Hopefully this will continue. Her mommy would wake her up at around 2.30am and 6am to get her to the bathroom and then back to sleep. It has been successful so far, but poor her mommy that she had difficulty going back […]

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Like Father Like Daughter

April 26, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina and I had this conversation while I was ironing my t-shirt before we left home for her school. Nina: “Daddy, like father like daughter” Daddy: “Why Nina?” Nina: “Because you like to sleep late and I like to sleep late too” Daddy: “But I like vegetables and you don’t” Nina: “But I like vegetables […]

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Nina’s prayer

February 21, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina slept past midnight as she stayed awake after sipping some iced coffee at Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe at Ion Orchard. She became active. Anyway, she is sleeping now after lying down on the beanbag in my working room for a while. She also asked to listen to Disney’s songs when she was here in […]

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I need help from God

September 30, 2009 Nina's Diary

Conversation between Nina and her mommy just now, as her mommy asked her to go to sleep. Nina: “Mommy, it’s not fair if you are angry to your daughter” Nina: “Because I will cry” Nina: “I need help from God”

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Sleeping alone … not quite

July 20, 2009 Nina's Diary

Nina: “Mommy, Nina wants to sleep alone tonight” Mommy: “OK” Nina: “But only tonight yah?” Nina: “If I want to poo poo, I will wake mommy up” She then asked her mommy to go and she  closed the door. Few minutes later she came out of her room to look for her mommy and said […]

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Mommy’s afternoon nap

May 17, 2009 Art by Nina

Nina woke up from her afternoon nap yesterday and found her mommy still sleeping in our room. She then walked out of the room and started drawing in her room by herself. When her mommy woke up, Nina gave her the drawing and told her the story was: Mommy was sleeping when the alarm clock […]

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“I cannot sleep”

August 6, 2008 Manila

It’s 9.46pm now. Nina didn’t take a nap during the day today. We asked her to sleep. Her mommy was reading a book for her on the bed. I walked out to the living room, checking my emails and it was quiet for a while. Then I heard foot steps … Nina walked out of […]

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