Nina and the Tooth Fairy

July 1, 2010 Art by Nina
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Nina lost her second baby tooth in Jakarta on 11 June 2010. We brought the tooth back to Singapore and kept it under her pillow two days ago for the tooth fairy. And of course, Nina got some shiny coins in the morning from the tooth fairy (aka Daddy). She then drew this for the […]

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Second Tooth for the Tooth Fairy

June 23, 2010 Jakarta

Nina had lost her second baby tooth. It happened when she was in Jakarta on Friday, 11 June 2010. She was brushing her teeth when that happened. The new tooth had already erupted just behind it few weeks ago.

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First Baby Tooth Extraction

April 15, 2010 Nina's Diary
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Remember this event? We have been worried because we saw a new tooth has erupted just behind the current one (that has been shaking). So, we decided to bring Nina to see a dentist this morning. Her mommy was definitely more anxious than her. She had butterflies in her stomach since last night, she said. […]

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First baby tooth is about to go

February 5, 2010 Nina's Diary

Nina was shocked … one of her lower front teeth was moving when she touched it. I guess a tooth fairy is about to come and my little girl is growing up fast.

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