I want mommy

February 4, 2011 Jakarta

Sunrise Garden, second day of Chinese New Year 2011. She woke up just now and started to call (read: to scream) for her mommy as usual. “Mommmmmyyyyyy” I came to the room instead. Nina: “where is mommy?” Daddy: “mommy is watching TV downstairs, Nina” Nina: “I want to wee wee” Daddy: “OK, go to the […]

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No diaper today

January 25, 2009 Nina's Diary

We were about to leave home for our chinese new year lunch with Dave, Sherill, Wit and Indra’s family earlier today. Her mommy was preparing Nina’s bag and told Nina: Mommy: “Nina, mommy gak bawa pampers yah” Nina: “OK mommy, Nina will ask mommy when Nina wants to wee wee” She meant to say “tell” […]

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Can’t speak chinese = trouble

January 7, 2009 Nina's Diary

Today was the fourth day at school since Nina started last week. She has started learning chinese as the school has 30 minute chinese language lesson everyday and Nina told us this funny story. Nina apparently wee-wee during the chinese language class and she did not wear diaper. Nina is already toilet trained and she […]

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